Buy & Sell Back 

Buy a vehicle with a Guaranteed Buy Back

and Sell it back after your trip!

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Travel Europe for months

with our cheap long term-rental deals! this programs allows you to travel Europe for a longer period of time,without buying a vehicle or paying huge rental prices!

Whether you want a long Family Trip, you're on a Gap Year or simply wish to chill out on your Europe-Roadtrip. 

The Guaranteed Buy Back  program is your insurance policy for return on the investment of purchasing a vehicle!

Australian couple bought a motorhome in Europe for 12 months

Amazing! We love you!

Mandy, Sandi & Julie

Europe RoadTrip community

Hymer 644 CS

The ideal Family Camper! with the round sit in the back, a double bed in the front and optional beds in the mid area this motor-home makes for a spacious but still cozy home on wheels!