Camper Kopen of Huren?

  • Elnagh Baron


    2007 - 98.000 - 6 Meter - Turbo - Bunkbeds

    This amazing Elagh Baron campervan is perfect for a family that enjoys a little bit of luxery on their motorhome travels. The design looks brilliant and gives a cozy and warm feeling, the definition of the Dutch word "Gezellig"

  • Burstner 604

    € 22.900,-

    2002 - 100.000 KM - 6 meter - TURBO - semi-integrated

    This semi-integrated motorhome is perfect for two persons! The fixed bed in the back makes sure you never have to convert your bed even though you have the benefits from a 6 meter camper.

  • Knaus 685

    € 21.500,-

    2000 - 150.000 km -80 Liter DIESEL TANK - KNAUS 685

    The perfect motorhome for people who love the double bed in the back and front, the huge garage but still want to keep their vehicle under 7 meters. The Knaus has room for 6 people to sleep ( 2 kids) with the optional third double bed its never a problem to accommodate extra sleepers.

  • Adria Coral

    € 34.500

    2008 - 85.000 KM - 7 Meter - Adria Coral - 2 Pers.

    This 2008 Adria only drove for 65.000 km and looks fresher than bread at the bakery! The ISLAND bed gives one of the most comfy set-ups the semi-integrated vehicles have to offer. perfect for a couple who wants to drive their home on wheels!

  • Burstner 617

    € 19.950

    2001 - 110.000 KM - 620 CM - TURBO - 2.8 - AIRCON

    This Burstner is great for couples with the 6 meter range and the double bed in the back its your perfect house on wheels

  • Challenger 190

    € 20.000

    2002 - 170.000 KM - AS NEW!! - ROUND SIT

    Amazing motor-home for 6 people, plenty of space for the whole family and lots of storage, the van has a big 2,8 Turbo engine so no problems driving up no matter what hill, 3 double beds and in the back and a U shaped lounge. In the front there is a nice dividing area . Put some bikes on the back of the van AND YOU ARE READY TO ROLL!

  • Burstner 647

    € 25.000,-

    2005 - 150.000 KM - AMAZING SET-UP AND GARAGE

    This Alcove motorhome is the eideal setup, two double beds and even the option to convert the seats to a third bed. The garage is big enough for 3 bikes or more and can even be used as an extra bedroom! Travel Europe by campervan in this beautiful home on wheels!

  • Eura 635

    € 19.950,-

    2004 - Garage - 6 METER

    The Eura 635 is a great family motorhome also suiteble for groups of friends. The bunk beds in the back can be used for the kids or easy convertible to a larger garage where you will be able to fit your bikes! its a lovely motorhome that has heaps of storage even though its just passes the 6 meter line!

  • Knaus 700

    € 26.900,-

    2003 - 105.000 km - 6 METER - TURBO

    The Knaus 700 DG is a perfect sized semi-integrated camper and will drag you with no problems throughout Europe! The fixed bed in the back will make sure that you can enjoy your morning tea and breakfast while hubbie is still sleeping in the end of the car!

  • Burstner T600

    € 21.900,-

    2001 - 160.000 KM - 6 METER - TURBO

    Hercules is a small semi-integrated campervan, perfect for couples.......... EMAIL FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT THIS VEHICLE. FOR SALE - FOR RENT -

  • Weinsberg Semi-integrated

    € 26.750,-


    Mark the Motorhome is a perfect campervan for couples even though it sleeps to 4, the stylish neat interior will give you immediately the feeling you never left home in the first place,, its rather easy to love this campervan for his looks and quality! check it out yourself and send us an e-mail !

  • Hymer 644

    € 22.450,-

    2000 - 180.000 KM - TURBO - ROUND SIT

    HYMEY THE RV is one of our few vehicles with a round sit in the back of the vehicle, you can convert this to a double bed or keep it as a living area, perfect for families! Hymey will not disappoint your expectations, check him out by clicking on more information.

  • Burstner quadro

    € 34.500,-

    2009 - 2.3 Multi Jet - TURBO DIESEL

    The Quadro is a sleek low profile motor-home with an amazing stylish look, it has a fixed bed in the back and a drop-down bed in the middle above the living area! Buy this RV in Europe and sell it back after your travels! Click on the more information button to read more about this vehicle.

  • Knaus 708 G

    € 22.500,-

    2002 - 2 DOUBLE BEDS - 2.8 TURBO DIESEL

    The Knaus 708 G has a double bed in the front and in the back, it sleeps up to 6 people and has a big garage at the back to put your bicycles in! It is on a average size so you will not have any problems manouvering throughout the European cities!

  • Burstner 624

    € 17.750,-

    2000 - FIXED BED - AIRCO - SOLAR - 4 PERS

    This beautiful RV has everything a couple needs, it sleeps up to 4 persons with a double fixed bed in the back and a convertible bed in the middle. The back area can be closed off from the living area and the big sink with mirror and toilet and shower will provide you with your own apartment on wheels! Solar - Airco and many extra's

  • Knaus 708 K

    € 23.500,-

    2005 - BUNKBEDS - 7 PERSONS

    This 7 pers. motorhome / rv is perfect for a family travelling Europe! With the bunkbeds in the back and a double bed in the front, this is one of the most popular campervans in our company. The Knaus 708 K is also known as Max The Motorhome and we have around 4 of them in Stock. Send us an e-mail for mor information

  • Knaus 595 A

    € 18.950,-

    1999 - 2.8 TURBO DIESEL - 5 PERS

    The Knaus 595 sleeps to 5 people but is also perfect for couple's. with a double bed up front and a couch + seating area in the middle you don't have to make up your bed every day and can enjoy your house on wheels without being in each others way!

  • Rotec 590

    € 17.750,-

    2003 - 2.8 TURBO DIESEL - 5 PERS.

    This Rotec 590 also sleeps to 5 but has the perfect set-up for a couple exploring Europe for months! a kitchen in the back next to the toilet and shower, living area and a double bed up front. Reversing camera and cruise control among many extra's!

  • Knaus 595 A class

    € 18.550,-

    1999 - 2.8 TURBO DIESEL - 5 PERS

    The Knaus 595 sleeps to 5 people but is also perfect for couple's. with a double bed up front and a couch + seating area in the middle you don't have to make up your bed every day and can enjoy your house on wheels without being in each others way! Reversing camera - Double Batteries and more!

  • Greta Camper

    € 16.750,-

    2000 - 2.8 TURBO DIESEL - 5 PERS.

    The Greta camper is the perfect small low key motorhome! The set-up is ideal for couples and sleeps up to 5 persons. it is only 5.30 meter small and you'll fit where ever you want! The huge integrated front window let you enjoy an amazing view. Double batteries - Many extra's

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