The only way we can guarantee delivery of a camper is through reservation. Reserving a vehicle also guarantees it won't be sold to someone else prior to your arrival. We require a down payment/reservation fee of 10 %. If for some reason your trip must be cancelled a cancellation insurance is a good bet for those who plans could change.


The most popular method of paying the balance due on the camper and running costs when collecting a vehicle is the same as is generally used for the down payment: a SWIFT or electronic transfer from your bank account directly into ours. 

Since you'll probably have already made one to reserve a vehicle, your bank or banking program should have all the necessary details to make the transfer once you've inspected the vehicle. Many customers who use internet banking have a lap-top along and can arrange the transfer themselves or do so via our computer. 

Since the transfer normally takes 2 to 5 working days to arrive (usually never more than 2 days), we allow you to use the camper during that period so you can check out all systems and give it a good test run. This time also allows you to rest and move into the vehicle at a leisurely pace while staying at one of our local campgrounds. Or you might want to stay at one of the two camping’s on the outskirts of Amsterdam where you can leave the camper at the campground and take public transport into the centre of the city.


You can also bring the payment in cash euro’s, of course, but carrying around a large amount of cash is not recommended. Paying with a check or money order is also not recommended as they take three weeks to clear once deposited on our account - and that WOULD be a very long time to spend at a local campground!