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OUR FAMILY COMPANY is one of the few companies that offer a Guaranteed purchase program for non-europeans that want to buy an rv in Europe.


We are a personal family company and offer to organise your trip together, you are not only buying a motorhome from us, you are also giving a bit of your memories and experience to us and we will try to make sure your time dealing with us is more than just a service!

We like to be part of the travels and are always eager to help people make their arrival and departure as comfortable as possible!

Europe - RoadTrip .com

We have years of experience in selling, renting out and maintaining motorhomes and campervans, we take care of our vehicles and always make sure that no one will ever have to drive a untrustworthy vehicle on the road! 


Wietze & Linda

Hello we are Linda & Wietze and have been married for over 35 years. around 15 years ago Linda started where we offered a rental program that was unique in the Dutch market. after 15 years we decided to take it down a notch and only spend our time on the buyback program as we enjoy having non-europeans here at our house, we enjoy the laid back lifestyle and being able to not feeling any obligated pressure in providing service to customers. 

We like to stand out with our personal approach and welcome every customer as a friend. at the end of the day we are all just people.

Now our youngest son has taken most of the responsibilities we can enjoy our own pace. Hope to see you soon!


Hi there! I am Harmen of

i'm the youngest son of Wietze and the founder of, i have been affiliated with motorhomes most of my life. With Camperfun being set-up by Wietze i spend my younger days campervanning every holiday. I absolutely love the campervan life, the aventure and the freedom is essential and is never so clear as when having a house on wheels. 

Because of the customers sharing this same envy for travelling it makes it so much easier and makes me love being able to make a living out of this. 

Our "buybackers" are usually just as easygoing and unhasty as i am and that makes it a pleasure to offer them my services! i like offering more than we need to and give that little bit of extra in a experience that people will remember their whole lifes.

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