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How to long-term travel Europe?


Travel Europe in a Motorhome

with our cheap long term-rental deals! this programs allows you to travel Europe for a longer period of time,without buying a vehicle or paying huge rental prices! Renting a campervan at Europe-Roadtrip is 40% cheaper than any other rental company in The Netherlands, France or Spain.


 Buy and Sell Back 

The Guaranteed Buy Back  program is your insurance policy for return on the investment of purchasing a vehicle. You purchase a motorhome in Europe and we will repurchase it back for a pre-set buyback price.

The cheapest way to travel Europe for multiple months.


Registration and Insurance

Purchase a Campervan in Europe.

We offer to register and insurance Motorhomes for you in our Registration program. We can assist you in buying, or offer you a vehicle from our own stock.

We can help you check the market and the vehicle to make sure you buy the right RV for your Europe Roadtrip.

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