• Thank you for treating us as family!

    Jama and Grant Singley

    Several people have asked about the campervan. When searching for ways to travel throughout Europe, we found a Dutch website with a camper buy/buy back program. You purchase one of a variety of campervans and the company assists with registration and insurance. (Registration and insurance are unavailable if you are not a citizen.) Once you complete your short or long road trip, the company buys the rig back at a reasonable, predetermined rate. We lucked up when we chose europe-roadtrip.com. It's a family owned and operated business with the nicest, most helpful people. They fed us authentic, comforting food, filled us with the best coffee and showed us how to operate the rig. We left their home ready to begin this yearlong, nomadic journey. Thank you Harro Mulder for treating us like family!


  • What a great service!

    Andrew & Jamila Reeves

    What a great service. So helpful organising things from the UK, and then we were collected from the train station on arrival. We stayed a couple of days to get used to our motor home. Thank you Harro Mulder and family for helping to make our plans reality.

    United Kingdom

  • We loved how everything was included!

    Taylor Family

    Dear Harmen (Witeze & Linda) Thank you so much for facilitating our family's amazing nine month European adventure by Camper. You accommodated our many requests with good grace & have made us feel very welcome at the Depot both before & after our journey. We loved how everything was included in our package & that we basically just had to turn up & drive away. Visiting from Australia we thought that registration & insurance would be a problem. Thanks to Europe-road trip for making it all so easy. We will really miss our (your) Camper & look forward to seeing you again in a couple of years for our next Camper escapade. We thoroughly recommend you, your family & Europe-roadtrip to anyone who wants a hassle free way of travelling around Europe by camper. So here's a call out to all you Aussies out there - 'europe-roadtrip' are the people you need to talk to. They'll make it all happen for you. Warm regards Jane, Steve, Gabe & Jude Australia


  • They went above and beyond!

    Cynthia and Caleb

    I contacted Harmen (Europe Roadtrip.com) approximately 1 year prior to our departure, because my husband and I were planning to travel Europe for 1 year and I had lots of questions regarding the RV buyback program and the advantages/disadvanges travelling with the RV for such a longterm travel plan. I contacted more than 1 company, and I immediately knew that if I were to decide to buy an RV, it would be with Harmen, because he was the only one who answered in a timely fashion and took me seriously even though my travel plans were 1 year away, and I really had A LOT of questions, since I had never traveled in an RV before. I can honestly say that by the time my husband and I arrived in the Netherlands to pick up our motorhome, I felt like Harmen and I were friends because over a period of 1 year, we texted through WhatsApp about so many details leading up to the trip. Upon our arrival, Harmen ensured that we had a pick up at the airport even though he had advised me that a weekday arrival would be best as he was closed on weekends. However, we landed on a Sunday and Harmen organized a pickup at the airport (2 hours away) and he welcomed us with tea/coffee at his residence (business) on his day off. He spent lots of his personal time with us, getting to know eachother and he provided us with tips and advice regarding RVing, on the arrival day and until we left for our roadtrip. I must say, we received more than what we expected: kitchen inventory as well as bicycles to use throughout our travel. The vehicle was in good condition esthetically and mechanically, and everything that was promised was there. We were able to camp on his property for a couple of days to settle, until we were ready to leave, and during that time, not only Harmen himself, but the whole family, was there to help us with anything we needed. After we left, Harmen remained available to answer every question we had during our adventure, whether it was regarding the motorhome or personal advice regarding the trip. We knew that buying a vehicle without seeing it might have been tricky, but we trusted Harmen and he met our expectations and even went above and beyond. I recommend Europe Roadtrip.com to anyone who's looking to aquire a motorhome, using the buyback program. Cynthia & Caleb MONTREAL, CANADA


  • Going Great!


    One month into our Europe road trip. Motorhome is going perfectly - thanks to Wietze and co for facilitating everything. Been to France and Switzerland, now in Croatia for start of Eastern Europe part of trip.

    New Zealand

  • Great during the entire process!

    Michael & Sophia

    We were living in the US before taking an extended vacation in Europe and we decided that getting a motorhome here (in Europe) was the best option for to us. After much research we leased Hercules, a small motorhome with everything you need for the road. Harro was great throughout the entire purchase process, very responsive, he answered all the questions we had very quickly. Sending money across continents without ever seeing the motorhome was not an easy decision but Definitely worth it! Hercules is perfect for us, we've been on the road now for 10 days, mostly free parking, and we definitely feel at home wherever we go.


  • It was exactly like the photo's

    McLean Family

    We travelled from New Zealand to Europe for an extended family holiday.  I found Happy-Camper (Europe-Roadtrip) and Camperfun.com via the internet and we made all our arrangements via email from New Zealand. I found the company easy to deal with and very helpful.  We are delighted with our campervan, it was exactly like the photos and information provided. They also have provide quick responses to any of our questions and little problems during our the first stages of our trip.  I highly recommend your company!

    New Zealand

  • Very Happy Europe-Roadtrippers


    “We felt somewhat daunting organising our four-and-a-half-month tour of Europe from the other side of the world (New Zealand). However, after weighing up our options (rent, buy, and buy-back), the responses from Wietze quickly reassured us that we were doing the right thing. We provided some details of what we wanted in a camper and Wietze and his team came up with the best match. They also put us in contact with others that had used the same camper for an unbiased opinion (and great tips!). We were gratefully picked up from the airport, shown some of the workings of the camper the next day and then were on our way. We had some queries while away and greatly appreciated the prompt assistance from Wietze and Herman. We are now only one month from returning and overall have been very happy “europe-roadtrippers”


  • Perfect!

    Keane Family

    When the opportunity arose for our family to take a year off (at very short notice) Weitze was able to find us a van, arrange for modifications (extra gas bottle, 240v battery/invertor) and have it all ready for us with only a couple of weeks notice. "Knausy" was perfect for us - bunks at the back for the kids and plenty of space for our family of four. The agreed buy back figure enabled us to budget for our trip and not have to worry about trying to privately sell the van at the end. On arrival everything was ready for us and after visiting Wietze at his home to do a few small modifications, we were off on 7 amazing months. Wietze was available for questions via phone and email. At the end, we returned the van, had an inspection, then were dropped off at the airport and money was in our account within 2 days - very easy and non stressful. If you are in a position like us, where you cant own a vehicle in the EU, Happy Camper allows you to travel long term without the high campervan rental fees that other companies like to charge. We are .


  • Would not hesitate recommending

    Elisabeth & David

    We are an Australian family with two small children currently travelling around Europe. From the moment we started communicating with Harro and Wietze from Australia we were given friendly and professional advice. We were nervous in the planning stages due to the age of our children (4months and 3 years) but Happy Campers made sure we had all the information we needed and put any fears to rest. The motorhome they recommended for us has been perfect for our needs. We haven't had any major issues at all and Harro has been contactable at all times if we have needed help. From start to finish dealing with Happy Campers has been a pleasure. We were collected from the airport in the motorhome and even stayed the first couple of nights with them getting used to it. Harro's family were extremely hospitable and it was a lovely way to start our adventure. We wouldn't hesitate in recommending Harro& Wietze


  • Could not been happier

    Jay & Lauren

    we couldnt be happier with it over the last 7 months. For its age the camper is in excellent condition inside and out (inside looks like past owners only used it once or twice a year). The camper was spacious internally with plenty of storage space and all appliances (heater/boiler, fridge, stove etc) worked perfectly. Mechanically the camper has performed excellently. We have not had any issues in over 14,000kms of driving, and have achieved excellent fuel economy of less than 10L per 100km.We have checked the oil/fluids regularly but have not had to top up once. The camper has also been great with no trouble with cold starts in the late autumn mornings. We would highly recommend a camper such as this to family and friends in the future as a cheap and exciting way to travel around Europe. We also greatly appreciated all your assistance prior to the purchase as well as during our trip as questions arose given our limited prior experience with motorhomes! Given the financial amounts involved, we also found the overall purchase experience very simple and easy to understand. If you would like to use us as a reference in any way in the future we would be happy to provide additional comments. Regards Jay and Lauren"


  • You guys have been amazing!

    Davidson Family

    This is the company that we are doing our buy-back plan through in Europe. Please share with anyone you think may be on the fence about doing something similar. It has been the most awesome experience, so easy and totally the most affordable option . Motorhoming is SO much fun!!!! Can't say enough good things about this awesome family business here in the Netherlands. 👍👍

    - Straya!

  • Cant wait to do it again

    Liz & Nic

    Excellent option for those that can't easily buy a vehicle in the EU. The buyback scheme worked really well for us - a family of 4 that traveled for 7 months. The overall cost was way cheaper than renting a campervan and the service was great. Lots of advice and assistance. Can't wait to do it again when the kids have left home!


  • No worries!


    ​Having a great time in our Knaus spending a month in the Spanish Pyrenees. Thanks to the Happy Camper team for preparing our motorhome so well for our 6 month trip and and providing support when needed. No worries!


  • I highly recommend


    My wife and I bought a Knaus 685 Motorhome from this family company, they were great to deal with and really wanted to do the right thing for their customers. The Knaus has proved to be very reliable. We have only had one minor issue and Weitze immediately solved it. I highly recommend them.


  • We would recommend!


    We bought a Knaus campervan via Wietze and had a fantastic experience covering 11 countries in 6 months. We also bought two bicycles from the local bike shop on a buy and return deal. We were picked up from Amsterdam airport and stayed at Wietze's place where the whole family helped us settle in to our motorhome which they bought for us. After a brilliant 6 months of travelling without incident we returned the van and as advertised got back the agreed price then a lift to the airport to return to Oz. We would recommend these guys to anyone looking to travel Europe.


  • It was Amazing

    Bronwyn & David

    As an Australian traveling to Europe and working out from a long way away the best way for us to see as much, do as much without paying too much...this was a perfect solution. We bought Greta the intrepid and drive her from the Netherlands through France, Spain Portugal and the UK �.  The buy back system worked for us, the van was in great order and Harro’s support was fantastic. Definitely recommend. Sad we had to part with the van in the end.


  • We will always remember!

    Todd & Mairin

    My wife and I rented a campervan for six and a half months and absolutely loved everything about the experience. Harro was helpful with any questions we asked before the process. He remained easy to get in touch with when we were on the road for any little issue or question we had. Pickup and drop off were both smooth and easy. We will always remember the experience and recommend Europe-Roadtrip for all you long term rental needs! 


  • Looking forward to round 2

    Kayleen & Vakey

    The family behind Happy Campers are friendly, trustworthy and really do everything they can to make sure their customers are indeed Happy Campers. My partner and I purchased a van from Happy Campers last December and got to know the family while staying at their garage before heading off, they gave us a warm welcome and made sure we had everything we needed. We initially planned to keep the campervan all year, unfortunately we had to cut the trip short and Happy Campers worked with us in the last minute scurry to sell the van back to them to get back to the States. We did not sign up for the buy back program so it was a relief to hear that Happy Campers would work with us and buy the van back. They even gave me a suitcase to pack my last remains and sent me off with great appreciation for their warmth and generosity. I highly recommend Happy Campers for your European adventures, it is the best way to experience many beautiful countries! Many Thanks Happy Campers ~ We are looking forward to round 2, see you then, Take Care!


  • The trip of our lives!

    Liza & Ren

    WE HAD THE TRIP OF A LIFETIME with all the comfort and freedom of driving our home around with us! The folks at Europe-Roadtrip were helpful, friendly and extremely understanding with all our needs and questions. They were contactable and accommodating throughout our entire road trip and never hesitated to help us straight away with any queries we had or any recommendations we needed. Our vehicle was comfortable, reliable and sound throughout the thousands and thousands of kilometres we drove and we came to think of it as our home on wheels. I could not commend them more highly, we had a phenomenal experience on our road trip around Europe that we will never forget and will always cherish, and it was all possible thanks to Europe-Roadtrip! Thank you so much! ​ ​


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