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Working for Europe Roadtrip Company means being part of our family company, it's the perfect combination between spontaneous travels and busy working days! No day is the same and no function includes one kind of work. We are all all-rounders and love to learn, experience new things and stay flexible. 

General maintance

We work with Motorhomes and all sorts of vehicles. Oil services, changing tires are a normal day at the office.

Repairs and improvisation

Having two right hands means that you can do a little bit of everything. Often we need to figure out how to repair woodwork or the exterior of motorhomes but occasionally we also have different projects around like building a new office!

All over Europe

Often our customers start their motorhome travels elsewhere, it's usually not an obligation but its definitely a pre when you love a spontaneous trip of a couple of days and deliver a motorhome to customers in Spain or at another location in Europe.

Who we are looking for

Are you still enthusiastic? Great, you might be the perfect fit for us and we might be just as good of a fit for you!

Our preferences:

  • Flexible lifestyle

  • Wants to learn

  • Speaks English

  • Dutch is a pré

  • All-Rounder

Email to

RV Checks

Before customers arrive we need to check the RV form inside to outside to make sure its all in working order, that water and propane are topped up but also that the vehicle is clean and ready to go on a 12 month journey!

Meeting Customers

Picking up customers from the airport, having a coffee and explaining the ins and outs of their new motorhome will be part of your job, we build up relationships but we also run a business, representation and a friendly attitude is mandatory!

A regular day as a technical adventurer

Its Monday morning and you are driving to Schiphol to pick up the newest family from Australia, after a general introduction of their RV you leave them to it and get back to the solar panels you are installing on another vehicle. You noticed that the skylight is broken too so you add it on your list. In the meantime Harro just asked you if you could pick up a Motorhome from Berlin next week so you quickly book a flight ticket before the prices go up. While you are online you might as well order the new skylight and get back to your work, the customers had some more questions so after helping them out and repairing a light they found broken you try get back to your work. Wietze needs some help lighting something out of his van and also asks you if you want to help him tomorrow building a wall in his office. Sure thing, you are flexible and its not the busiest week however, now its time to get back to building that solar panel! 

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