Guaranteed Buyback Scheme

Purchase a Vehicle in Europe as a non-European citizen

Buy a vehicle in Europe and don't worry about sorting out registration, insurance or selling it after your travels!


Simply return the motorhome and collect the discussed buyback price! This is the cheapest option for long-term traveling in Europe and is suitable for families, couples or even solo travelers.

To buy an RV in Europe has never been so easy.


Start or end your trip where ever in Europe with our Pick Up service!

The costs of a buyback really variate between vehicle, period and the season you are travelling. Send us a email with your inquiries and we will offer you the best deal!


The longer you travel, the cheaper it gets!


Send us an e-mail with your questions and inquiries and we will offer a deal that fits your budget.





Burstner  Campervan.

Purchased:   € 15.900


Time span                     BuyBack Rate

Less than 3 months   |     Negotioble (you may want to rent)

Up to 6 months           |    +/- 7500,- off the purchase

Up to 12 months         |    +/- 9650,- off the purchase



We have 10 years of experience in buying, selling, renting out and repairing motorhomes, we work from our own stock and only buy the best quality. We know what we have and we know what we sell, with our Warrantee we show that if we do miss something, you don't have to be the one dealing with it.


We are a personal and realistic company, buying a motorhome in Europe is a big thing, we know that and there for we are here to help and not just to sell. 

Hymer 644 CS

The ideal Family Camper! with the round sit in the back, a double bed in the front and optional beds in the mid area this motor-home makes for a spacious but still cozy home on wheels!