Purchase an RV in Europe

Register and Insurance a motorhome as a non-european.

If you want to buy a campervan in The Netherlands, Germany or France things can get quite difficult. It's near to impossible to get registration and insurance on your own name. 

Therefore we offer a Registration and Insurance scheme which allows you to purchase a motor-home in Europe without the hassle of registration.

Buying a vehicle from our stock would be the easiest option. 

We can however also assist you in buying an rv overseas and help you out with struggles such as testing, maintaining, storage facilities and yearly mot checks.

Send us an email with your plans and ideas and we will get back to you with options.

Road tax, and insurance will be for your account, the buyer will pay a certain period in advance before the trip starts and we will discuss further payments. the overall costs are: Road tax, Insurance and a registration fee.


Fines or other obligated payments will be send to the owner with an additional administration cost.


Insurance Options

Everybody wants to be safe and while travelling its important that you are properly insured.

Most of the coverage you need you will find in your own travel insurance, never the less is it a very good idea to make sure your vehicle is insured the way you think is best!

We offer vehicle insurance to non-residents of Europe in a Buyback, rental or our registration service. the best way to get information will be by contacting us through mail.

We have covere our vehicles at "de Witte assurance" from the Cascade insurance group for more than 10 years already.

Basic insurance costs around € 110,- per month You will be covered for all damage caused to a third party.

For a full comprehensive our insurance company charges € 100,- extra for the first week, after the first week it will cost 60 euro per week extra so you will pay around € 350,- per month for a full-comprehensive insurance.

Hymer 644 CS

The ideal Family Camper! with the round sit in the back, a double bed in the front and optional beds in the mid area this motor-home makes for a spacious but still cozy home on wheels!

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