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Planning your trip to Europe is difficult when you are on the other side of the world. What are the covid rules and restrictions in Germany, France or the rest of Europe?

Book online sessions for intel information and years of experience. we are 24/7 available for chats after your sessions and we can even assist you while you are traveling. 


Purchase advice and assistance

Buying a Motorhome or Campervan in Europe is difficult as a foreigner, we can be your man in the field. together we will advise you on proper investments and brands and find a vehicle suitable for your needs. we can assist in the physical purchase and make sure you are purchasing the right vehicle. We also offer registration and insurance.


Online local information

With COVID it seems like every city has different rules. Chat with us and get specific information on the rules and situations from locals actually being at the scenes. We can tell you exactly how to avoid lockdowns and how you are able to travel without any unpleasant situations. 

Planning a trip to Europe is trickier than ever, with all the COVID rules and insecurities it is very hard for foreigners to get the right information. We are here to help. Besides selling motorhomes and assisting people in the purchase of a vehicle we offer a wide range of services in which any kind of traveler to Europe can benefit. Schedule an online session to touch your new base in Europe.

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With visiting over 45 countries Harmen is quite the travel specialist, with years of traveling and helping people to make their travels come true, Harmen is not only an expert in Motorhome travelling but has a talent for finding local information. With friends all over Europe and an eagerness for helping people out he will know the ins and outs of any destination even if he never visited the place. 



For nearly 20 years Wietze is involved in the Motorhome travel business, in 2001 he started a sale and rental company Camperfun and soon he became the biggest rental dealer in the Netherlands. With one look Wietze will know if a Motorhome is worth the buy or not, with intel and information on almost every brand he is truly a motorhome specialist. 

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