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How to buy a vehicle in Europe

In this video i will explain you how our customers register and insure a vehicle with our purchase assistance.

As non-Europeans can not register and insure a vehicle it is really hard to own one in Europe, most questions are How do i insure a vehicle or How to put a vehicle on my own name. There are some french schemes in which you would open a company and there are some more tricky ones too.

When you purchase a vehicle overseas it very hard to find what you are looking for or what you need without having to struggle the possibility of getting ripped off. You don't know the culture, the European brands and as a foreigner you can only guess the right prices.

When customers come to me, they are ready to be taken care of. From a to z will i organise a purchase, registration, insurance. I will know the best brands, the things we have to be aware of and occasionally drop the vehicle of at a pick up location somewhere in Europe. Coming back for more trips? Your vehicle can be maintained, serviced and ready from our storage the moment you come back for future travels.

Looking for some fee information? Go to or contact me at +31636590880

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