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Buying a Motorthome in Europe is tricky, i could tell you all sorts of things and you will probably trust my expertise, but, I'm proud to be able in having Norman and Susan, our customers from the United States who were so kind in the process that i decided to do a small interview!

Norman was looking for years in finding the best way to purchase an RV in Europe, he had lots of info on the French scheme's the german export plates and all the options available, I am proud to say that he did chose as his company to work with.

He liked the personal approach we offer, we take as much out of hand. This way Norman didn't had to find out (even though he did) all the best brands and necessary info in buying a vehicle as we could do it for him, negotiating and knowing the market helped a lot for him. not worrying about registration and insurance was the deal breaker.

Enjoy guys!

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Do you want to buy a vehicle in Europe?

We offer buying assistance, online guidance and registration and insurance options next to our longterm rental and buyback programs!

or call/whatsapp to +31636590880

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