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  • H. Mulder

My favorite 5 cities in Europe!

My top 5 cities in Europe,

you might be surprised..

Europe fascinates in many ways! Historical city center's, cozy warm restaurants and the world famous tourist attractions on a shoe string! I've been travelling through Europe since i was 7 years young, here are my favorite 5 cities in Europe! based on a mixture of Historical sightseeing, amount of tourism and the over all experience.


5. Budapest, Hungary

I am really fond of Budapest! a big reason is the people, most of the Hungarian people i have met were so incredibly nice to tourists and very helpful! besides that its just a beautiful city!


4. Galway, Ireland

I had so much fun in Galway! its just the perfect little Irish town with the perfect people! Good fish & chips and the good old Irish folk makes it such a chill and cozy place, totally my vibe!


3. Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Amsterdam is full of history, culture and art! the worlds finest have been walking on these streets and you can taste the stories when you walk between the old houses and the beautiful streets! besides that, everybody knows the Dutch are awesome!


2. Istanbul, Turkey

From Constantinople to Istanbul, from Greek to Romans to Crusaders and Ottomans folks have been in this city! the history of it is amazing and i love to walk around and imagine myself being here 1500 years ago! The city is really easy to explore by tram and oh so cheap! but overall Istanbul is just Mysterious and gorgeous!


1. Rome, Italy

Beautiful Rome.. i fell in love when i was 15 visiting this city and i have to say its even number 1 on my world city list.. the history of Rome is magnificent and the feeling of walking on old squares and looking around is beyond describing in words.

When i said worlds finest have walked in Amsterdam, well worlds legends have walked in Rome! Don't miss out on this city! try to go around march/april so its not too busy!


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