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  • H. Mulder

Interesting places in the North of the Netherlands!

Why 5 interesting places in the north of the Netherlands?

A couple of weeks ago i had some customers from Australia visiting our depot in Hoogeveen, Drenthe. As the good travel agent i am i quickly wrote down some things they could do in the north, the next day they were still at our yard, i like my customers and really like it if they stay for a while at my place, but for their sake i was wondering what they would make them stay.. is there something wrong?

The next day they went out and came back in the evening, still noting but good laughter and funny stories.. But as it is winter in the Netherlands and it was soon to be snowing we expected them to drive off to the south as quick as possible, but no!

On and off they stayed for almost 2 weeks at our yard! I loved it and they are welcome for as long as they want whenever they want but what i loved even more that they were so enthusiastic and charmed by "Drenthe"and "Frisia" they loved every bit of it! and are probably the only Australian family ever spending 2 weeks exploring the north of the Netherlands!! Awesome folk those Aussies!

Anyway i decided to quickly post 5 awesome things you can find in the North of the Netherlands! with recommendations from the Davidson family exploring Europe with a Motor-home for 8 months!

All the following locations are within an hour drive of each other!

1. "Bourtange, an old fortress at the border of Germany"

The village of Bourtange is fascinating and its so cool to just walk around and taste the life of 500 years ago, perfect for a day out!

2. Giethoorn a.k.a Dutch Venice

Rent a little boat and drive through the water village of Giethoorn! you'll love it!

3. "Hunebeds and Nature of Drenthe"

Historical stories tell us they were giants burrying their dead under huge rocks! they're to be found all over Drenthe and no were else on the world! together with the beautiful Drenthe landscape! "2 pictures"

4. "Friesland" ( Frisia )

You have probably heard of Frisian cows, horses, milk, cheese etc. Well Frisia is the oldest bit of history of the Netherlands and they still use their own local language very similar to English! big tip: Do not call their language a dialect!

First spoken of the Frisians was back in the Roman Empire! blabla long story!

Friesland facinates!

5. "Former Concentration Camp Westerbork"

Its important to remember our history and even the awfull things need to be known, former concentration camp Westerbork was a transfer camp made by the Germans in second world war, from Westerbork the jews were placed to camps like Auschwitz and Bergen Belsen were Anne Frank died. its a interesting place for a day out.

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