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Does size really matter?

Does size REALLY matter? our customers offer up their opinions on "The Big-Question"

Its the most logic thing to consider when planning for a Camper trip, whether you buy a van with a guaranteed buyback for a year or hire it for weeks the big question is Does the size of the campervan or motor-home matter? Are you better of with a small van or is the luxury of the space and storage of a motorhome worthy of any trouble? We asked our customers in our Public Facebook Group what they think!

1. Driving

Does it make the difference driving wise to get a smaller vehicle?

A typical thing what people keep away from motor-homes is the way they drive, yes they are bigger, you need to pay a bit more attention and you might feel so massive driving around but is it actually that bad in reality?

The answer: No its not bad at all. Every single person who has driven both will say that it is not a changing decision, yes it does feels bigger when driving but that is because it is bigger, how ever the driving doesn't change at all, its not that there are a million streets you suddenly can't pass through.

Same roads same towns and the 7 meter motorhome is as accessible and flexible as a 5 meter campervan would be.


2. Parking and Camping

Is it harder to find a place to camp or park with a bigger van?

Also a very common thought is the idea that you are so big you simply won't fit with a motorhome, well.. is it?

The answer: Yes its true that parking for example in the city is a lot harder for motor-homes than it is for campervans, But is it a van changing decision? i guess no.

Most of the time you avoid the city's or you have to go to a camper spot. On camper spots it is fairly easy to park with a motorhome and stay the night and outside of the big towns you will also find place enough for your motorhome to park or camp.


3. Storage

Small vans look like they won't even fit my shoe collection.

The whole Vanlife lifestyle does ask to be basic in both ways.

Does the size motorhome decide what you can take and what not?

The answer: No it doesn't have to! its all up to you how you store and what you bring, i bet there are people in motorhomes who bring less stuff as some of the campervanners, the trick is to make use of the space you have and particular campervans will surprise you with extra storage options.

4. Living Space

How about room to breathe?

I like to wake up, get out of bed drink my coffee and enjoy the morning.. i don't want to see feel or find anything in my way to start my morning relaxing.

The answer: I really enjoy the space of a motorhome, it just saves time and its so pleasant to wake up and be able to get out your bed and sit down, make your self some breakfast without converting a bed or trying to squeeze yourself through towards the kitchen avoiding what ever else is in your way so indeed most people say that according to living space; a motorhome is the way to go.


5. Other things

Anything left to say?

One of our customers said: "I’m glad we fought our initial fear and went with a larger motor-home for our family of 4. If it was just us we could have done with much less, but as a family the 7m Hymer was perfectly laid out with enough space for us to feel connected but not smothered. Adaptability is the key. We didn’t have any issue having a bigger van, driving, parking etc, but you adapt to what you have I think."

There is not even that much difference between a motor-home or a campervan besides around 2 meters, are you going for space and a fixed bed or are you really loving the coziness and the basics its all up to you to decide what you want.

So does size matter? No it doesn't!

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