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Get off the Motorways! | 5 Tips to Motorhome Europe | HARROINEUROPE

Bijgewerkt op: 28 feb. 2022

In this video, we will hand out 5 tips to upgrade your motorhome skills. Experience a unique way of travelling by going off the beaten track. Make memories that last a lifetime! Are you looking to buy an RV in Europe, have a look at my other videos.

In this video, Harro talks about his experiences throughout Europe. Travelling Europe by Motorhome is amazing but how do you find these moments that you will remember your entire life? Well, start by being flexible. You don't have to book your complete trip, part of the experience is being free, free to alter your route whenever you want and together with these 5 tips you will experience unique experiences that let you see Europe for its true nature. You will make lifetimes friends and have stories no other tourists share.

Taking scenery routes will let you see cultural villages and places that other tourists didn't explore just yet! Talking to locals will let you experience Europe like a local and much more!

Enjoy, like and subscribe and let us know what you do to give your trip just that little extra!

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