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How to Find a Perfect Camping Spot!

While driving throughout Europe you will find yourself constantly looking for the best camping places where ever you go! Her is a sum up on ways to to it! How do you do it? let us know in the comments!


1. Winging it!

To find the most surprising (and free) places winging it is a perfect way. Just go with the flow and have a look around when you get there, how ever you might find your self in a situation where you'd wish you had a look before arriving.. Some advice: You will have most chance of finding something if you go to area's and countries with less tourism and avoid big cities! Good Luck!


2. Apps and Google

Applications like Camper Contact are perfect for finding Camper spots, Campsites or Parking places! Knowing where you go may give you some peace plus you can relax the moment you arrive! It will cost some money though.. ps. Most camper places variate from 10 € to 25 €. What do you search for? Simple! just type in Camper place or Camp spot in google and you will soon see a list of little camping pearls!


3. Aldi and Lidl Parkingplaces!

Every camper knows them, its the proper motor home experience and it doesn't cost you a penny! The perfect way to explore towns are the good old Lidl and other big supermarket parking places. Campsites often are a few kilometer's away from the city and after a long drive its a mission sorting our public transport. There is a Lidl or supermarket in almost every town and often not further than 10 min. away. You can legally stay the night unless there are signs saying you can not, these signs are more often in the touristic areas like Coastline Italy and Croatia.


4. Camping Books

Going back to basic is always the safest way, you don't have to rely on Internet or Wifi or anything else what can give you problems along the way,

instead you have got your own arsenal of awesome camping spots

right in the hands of the Co-Pilote.

One of the big benefits is that while you are driving you can easily plan ahead using paper clips and note books!


5. Using the online Community

Especially for our customers we created a public facebook group where we all share pictures and tips and tricks of our roadtrips, perfect to ask for awesome camping spots! Go to our Facebook Community by clicking on this link!

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