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Bijgewerkt op: 28 feb. 2022

Traveling Europe with lockdowns and restrictions seems a bit daunting these days. In this video, Harro in Europe talks about the actual situation in Europe during the pandemic.

Harro explains that most borders in Europe are so wide and open that it would be impossible to actually lock a country. besides a couple of borders like Turkey, Croatia, Romania, Greece and some more, the borders have so many roads that in case of a lockdown or new covid restrictions you are always able to cross borders or go through a country.

In the peek of COVID my customers travelled all over Europe and only a few were stopped, and even they could still continue their trip. In Italy they told me to leave the country within 12 hours, but they didn't write down my license plate or anything.. As far as I've seen ofcourse, maybe they take photo's. Well i just drove on and had an amazing time in Slovenia. There are so many countries you see! i believe around (52) and there are always multiple that have no rules at all! so while everybody else is locking themselves down in their houses, why wouldn't you take your motorhome and drive somewhere free of covid! Motorhoming seems like the ideal way to travel Europe right now!

With buyback programs, registration and insurance options and even long term rental programs there is an option for whom ever wants to explore Europe in a Motorhome, wether you want to buy or rent! have a look at or if you are looking to rent for a couple of weeks, go to If you are looking for travel advice or guidance you can always contact me!

Let me know what your thoughts are, feel free to subscribe on youtube or like the video if you want to see more in the future!

Thank you for reading.

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