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How to Buy & Sell Back a Campervan in Europe

Buying a vehicle in Europe can be quite tricky for a non-European, well.. tricky? for some it might look impossible! Let me give you some advice!

Yes! you can buy and insure a vehicle but you need to register it, and this is quite the issue. One thing you can do to make it easy on yourself is to Buy a vehicle with a Guaranteed Buyback in Europe or a Registration service , They don't just help you with getting the right vehicle they also offer Insurance options and Storage.

A Guaranteed Buyback is cheap, trust-able and takes away all the pain and struggle you will have buying an selling yourself. if you don't want to buy a vehicle you can consider a long term rental.

In case you rather find, buy and insure your selves, there are other ways, multiple groups on facebook is filled with people doing the same!

Why should i get a Guaranteed Buyback program in Europe?

1. Buying a campervan on your own means no warranty of buying a worthy vehicle.

2. Knowing you have a company you can fall back on in case of emergency.

3. Everything is sorted from inventory to gas, water and airport pick-up, start your trip as you arrive.

4. Don't spend your last weeks trying to sell your vehicle for a right price in the same country.. instead leave your campervan where ever you want in Europe with the Pick-Up service

5. Get a comprehensive insurance so you get to keep your money in the worse circumstances.

Traveling for a less amount of time?

If you're not travelling for months but weeks its easy to get a rental deal for camper-van or motor-home in Europe there are plenty of rental companies in europe such as:

And ofcourse we rent out vehicles our selves as well, check out our stock and send us an e-mail! at

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